Beryllium driver IEM with value pricing. TS-2280 is a "better" version of HI1200. Better resolution, better ambience, better bass texture, better build.

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TS-2280 stereo ear headphones / headsets delicate sound

Knowledge Tips: beryllium alloy light weight, steel is good, fast response, ultra-thin diaphragm (2μ) high frequency range can be increased from the headset directly to around 10KHz 20KHz, by contrast, generally at 10KHz headset on attenuation occurs. Beryllium metal diaphragm expensive than gold, almost five times, through high-tech process, showing detailed sound: natural rich bass, bass, alto and clean transition is not ambiguous, treble bright unobtrusive, making music more sweet, Naiting sound layering outstanding. Beryllium diaphragm only in very few high-end audio products will be used, such as the US high-end flagship speaker JBL K2 S9800, priced as high as 250,000 yuan. Beryllium Driver TS-2280 because of the use of the precious metal diaphragm headset, also make it to significantly improve sound quality.




Features / Characteristic

• drive unit using pure metal diaphragm, to bring exquisite, delicate sonic details • alloy drum cavity, reducing the body's resonance while providing a more accurate bass • IF gentle nature, the perfect interpretation of a variety of music • anodized alloy body using technology and offers two kinds of colors • Ergonomic design, comfortable to wear solid • headphone cable soft tensile, with Apple wire (Mike, play, pause, volume, selections) • With convenient exquisite leather bags, distribution of three different sizes of single, double earmuffs • products through Apple MFi certification, and so perfectly compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod products
Scope / Range
iPhone, iPad, iPod and other Apple devices
Technical Data / Parameter
• Unit Type: Dynamic • Unit diameter: Ø8mm • Unit Impedance: 20Ω ± 30% • Frequency Response: 10Hz ~ 20kHz • Sensitivity: 100 ± 3dB at 1kHz • Maximum power: 30mW • Rated power: 15mW • headphone cable: Y-type line length 1.4m • connection plug: Ø3.5 quadruple gold-plated plug • Weight: 12.5g (without cable)
Standard configuration / Configuration
• Headphones 1 • 6 pairs of earmuffs • Winder an earplug • Pouch 1 • lapel 1 • a description 

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